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Coming from two generations of cloth makers within the family we set up our own company 6 years ago. The first years we were mainly taking part in the well known "STOFFEN SPEKTAKELS" (Fabric events)  in the Netherlands and Belgium, these days also taking place in France and Luxembourg.
Because of our enthusiasm and our interest in continuous growth in the fabric industry we started with the delivery of cut-to-size pieces of foam in the summer of 2012. We display this product at almost all locations of the "STOFFEN SPEKTAKELS".
In 2013 we actively started looking for a number of weekly markets in the Netherlands. Hence we can be now be found in places like Doetinchem, Eindhoven and Sittard, where we display our extensive collection.

We strive to carry on the good line of growth within the company, to extend our collections and to provide our clients with everything related to fabrics. We make sure that we always have the nicest collections for very decent prices, for fashion-, children-, hobby- and party fabrics.

Additionally clients looking for the necessary meters of cloth to decorate a party hall should look no further. Likewise theatre and cabaret groups or carnival clubs. You can rest assured that we stock the fabrics you are looking for.

The fabrics we sell are all of a very high grade, quality wise. Of course we also offer you outstanding service. We stock fabrics for you in all price ranges!!
Are you looking for a particular fabric or do you have any questions, please do not hesitate to CONTACT us.

Markets this month


Doetinchem Tjalmstraat
09:00-13:00 hour


Eindhoven 18 Septemberplein
10:00-16:00 hour


09:00-13:00 hour


Arnhem Kerkplein (centrum)
08:30-13:00 hour


Eindhoven Woenselse Markt
10:00-16:30 hour