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Polyether foam is a flexible and resilient material which after depression completely restores to its original shape and form. Polyether foam is available in different densities and colours. In general foam of a higher density has a longer rigid lifespan in the same shape. For example for a good matrass the foam quality sq35 firm is often used. Firm means that the quality of this type of foam gives a soft comfort. Hence the sq35 is the grade we work with most, about 95% of the foam we sell is of this grade. The price/quality ratio of this grade is classed as very good. This grade is therefore extremely suited to all purposes, with a long lifespan. The lifespan of polyether foam is of course not infinite, in general you can count on 10 years.

Did you know:
That we can cut foam to your desired size. For this we use a special foam saw during all 'STOFFENSPEKTAKELS'. This only takes a matter of minutes so your order is ready whilst you are waiting. If you do not know the exact measurements you require then you are equally able to finish off the piece of foam with a Stanley knife or similar.









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